Anabia provides a touch of modernism and a healthy dose of creativity in everything we do. From our deliciously unique cupcakes made with the finest ingredients, to our handpicked sweet treats — you’re sure to find something to delight your cravings.

Our creativity has no limits… every month we proudly introduce a new and exciting cupcake creation for you to enjoy!

Through the creation of refined innovative products, Anabia wants to demonstrate that wine, aperitif and beer can be indulged in a multitude of fashions.

And this desire is also expressed in the quality of the customer experience that it offers by transforming unique food and alcool combination into unparalleled culinary occasions, on the spot,

Anabia is a story that began a long time ago, when my parents emigrated from Portugal and chose Canada as their new home.

As immigrants, they made  many sacrifices  raising their young family and growing new roots here. Along the way they taught us authenticity, courage, hard work, determination, creativity and, most of all, the importance of family and unconditional love.

Later in life, I was blessed with my two amazing daughters, Ana and Bia, after whom I named my cupcakery café. It's no doubt that Anabia genuinely represents  the deep values instilled  by my parents. I, in turn, am passing these to Ana and Bia. And so I hope you  see and experience a little  piece of it when visiting us at Anabia.‍‍‍


What is it that you want?  

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Cupcakery Creations

Anabia is a place where craftsmanship meets culinary art — transforming the simple act of consuming coffee into a deeply satisfying and decadent experience.

Each unique cup of liquid gold is made with the world’s finest coffee beans, painstakingly selected from the best roasters. Distinctive aromas will captivate your imagination, while exquisite flavours tantalize the most discerning tastebuds.

Coffee with purpose

Libation Celebration

David ‍‍‍De Almeida, Owner

My girls are my life.  By merging ANA, short for Analidhia, and BIA, the name of my younger daughter - ANABIA came to be.

My girls are my life.  By merging ANA, short for Analidhia, and BIA, the name of my younger daughter - ANABIA came to be.

ANABIA ‍‍‍‍‍‍

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